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NJ Hawks Sports Programs

The NJ Hawks field teams competing in 8 major sports, with the potential to add more where there is interest.

While all of our teams play competitively, we try everything to ensure that we turn no one away who wants to play. When teams are drawn, we try our best to place your athlete on a team that is playing at or near your athlete’s level so that he or she has the best opportunity to enjoy the sport and contribute to the team.


During regular season play, our coaches try their best to ensure that all athletes receive an equal amount of playing time. Once the team enters the divisional tournament, teams will be competing to win and move on to the State Tournament. During this time it will be up to the individual coaches to monitor how their teams are playing during tournament play and how much playing time each athlete will receive depending on the situation on the field of play. We know this can sound a little harsh but believe us your athletes know exactly how the game is going, they have a much stronger desire to win and move on than you can imagine and have more team spirit than you ever dreamed, they would rather play a little less and win than play a little more and miss out on that Gold Medal.


Once you have made the decision to have your athlete join one of our teams, you will be advised of important dates, such as Divisional and State tournaments. Please make sure to keep these dates open to ensure your athlete is able to participate. The athletes and coaches work very hard to get their respective teams ready to compete in these tournaments, and it is not fair to the rest of the team if your athlete does not show up for these crucial games. We know there is sometimes a tendency to think that because your athlete may not be the most prolific player on the team they will not be missed, but this is not true. Sometimes such a player plays a critical role in giving someone else a much needed rest at a critical point in the game. In a team sport everyone has a role to play.

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